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Selected Performances

“The Turn of the Screw” by B. Britten

July 2023 At Trentino Music Festival, Italy

Role: Miss Jessel

Lydia possesses a passion for immersing herself in the portrayal of eccentric and unconventional characters. In July 2023, Lydia performed the role of the enigmatic ghost Miss Jessel. In her living days, Miss Jessel was a young and beautiful lady, yet described as “infamous”. Her ghostly form is always dressed in haunting black and she sends shivers down the spines of all who behold her.

“The Little Red Riding Hood” by G.-F. Leuenberger

October 2021 at the Opera of Lausanne

Role: Mother

At the Opéra de Lausanne, Lydia performed the role of the Mère, the mother, in the world premiere of “The Little Red Riding Hood” by the Swiss composer G.–F. Leuenberger. The famous story of the little girl in the ruddy hood and the wolf was told a little differently in the opera adaption, including the expansion of the role of the mother and the grandmother of the little red riding hood.

Prizewinners' concert of the Gustav Mahler Competition

February 2019 in Geneva

In May 2018 Lydia won the Concours Gustav Mahler, a Lied competition in Geneva, together with the pianist Noémie Flèche. The Jury of the Gustav Mahler Competition unanimously elected the vocal-piano duo, convinced by their high artistic quality and ease. The prizewinners' concert took place at the Théâtre des Salons in Geneva. The duo interpreted Lieder by Mahler, Schubert and Berg.


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